Three Rolex watches recommended in 2017

Rolex watches as one of the most popular brands of watches, each new attract the attention of watchmakers, and I recommend today three new Rolex watches.
Rolex Seamaster 126600 Series

Comments Watch: This watch is the year 2017 Rolex watches has introduced a new model of the 50th anniversary of the Sea-Dweller model, the most important feature is the police on the Sea-Dweller font in red, reproducing the model of the first generation ( Red Double) classic features! The diameter of the watch increases to 43 mm and is waterproof up to 1220 meters. Another notable feature is the use of the magnifying glass and caliber 3235 for this date of the sea. It is more convenient to read the date. No matter which channel you leave, you will definitely have additional requirements, increase or tie up.
Rolex Log Series 126334

See the comments of Rolex in 2017 launched a new newspaper, was launched during the exhibition, when it is so hot, over time the data site gradually lightening, this section can be called Rolex 2017 new watch one of most popular models, the project still has the characteristics of a classic Rolex characterized by its movement replaced by a modernized 3235 movement, this watch can say that Rolex is the most worthy of 2017 new models from the tables, a good configuration, blue shield, very elegant.
The Rolex SKY-DWELLER watch of the m326934-0003 series

See comments of Rolex Skywalker can be considered a series of less popular watches, because of the complex functions and high prices, so many people are investing in the acquisition of DD, Rolex launched this year’s Skywalker gold has was suddenly saved from a cold palace, this watch has a dual-zone time and calendar display function, is a very complicated watch for Rolex, personally feel the value.

Summary: Rolex watches are always in the highest part of the list. Three watches recommended today are all new models introduced by Rolex in 2017. They are also very popular models. If ecological meetings, regardless of that, I do not buy it, try it.

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