Stable and accurate Real shot Rolex new generation of continuous type cymbal log 31

Rolex presents a new generation of jaw-31 jaws equipped with a new outside lock and lug. The new 18ct white gold model, the 18 cct gold model and the 18ct European gold gold template comes with the Rolex Model Model 2236 Motion Motion Modeling.

Many models include 18 white gold rings and white ring-ring rings and diamond rings; 18ct gold and malachite calls with 18ct gold and numerical Roman VI and IX; 18ct rose gold rose with paved diamonds, pink-colored mother scattered in butterfly pattern.

The Montour is completed with a beautiful and timeless diamond that raises the gold crown up to 100 meters of water resistance.

Type 31 new types fitted with top-tip bracelets, hiding the ear cap to ensure a smooth connection between the bracelet and the visual effects. Brewery combines ceramic elements to make the most flexible and durable bracelets. The brewery is fitted with a bent twisted bend.

There is a window convex window within 3 hours to facilitate calendar readings. Equipped with a 2236 mechanical movement, the new generation of this movement was developed and produced by Rolex. The patent’s Syloxi Silicon Hairspring has been built to ensure that the watch has superior driver performance. Syloxi Sysprun is not subject to magnetic interference, and it is very stable even with temperature changes. The shock resistance is ten times higher than traditional hair. Patented geometry allows movement to maintain fixed operations in any position. The type of motion 2236 is equipped with automatic automatic sutures, which carry continuous oscillating motion, and its power supply is about 55 hours. Log Type 31 comes with this step for the first time.

Just like all Rolex watches, Log 31 has been certified by Rolex by 2015. This unique title proves that the look has survived several tests made by Rolex Lab, and its standards go beyond industry’s view.

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