Speaking of the elements of popular culture in advanced watchmaking

Regardless of whether to attract geek fans or create innocent innocence, good watchmaking reveals the irresistible charm of popular culture symbols. Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, James Bond, Hulk and well-known companies already occupy a shield. The question is, can the childhood heroes survive forever?

                                            Montre Rolex GMT-Master II Greenwich II
Pepsi or Coca-Cola? Marvel or DC? James Bond or “Star Wars”? Hulk, Paul Newman, giant elephant Campbell, Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, red and white rockets in the adventures of Tintin and Hello Kitty … are well-known signs. They are an integral part of today’s world and a global cultural attraction for watchmakers and their clients. These symbols are far from the traditions of the industry, which are often exaggerated, but apply to everyone, regardless of culture and even generation, and older watchmakers have found the right combination.

                                  Montre Rolex Cosmopolitan Daytona “Paul Newman”
Shakespeare has the famous saying – “Rose, no matter what the same incense is called.” The same applies to the watch, the watch industry has many well-known pseudonyms of popular culture. In terms of nicknames, Rolex fans have proven their incredible creativity. For example, the Rolex GMT-Master II Greenwich II, affectionately known as “Pepsis Circle”, is a trademark of the company producing soft drinks Pepsi Cola due to the red-blue inserts with frames. On the other hand, GMT-Master Greenwich rolex with red and black inserts is called “Cola Circle”. Then the “Rolex Submariner Date” type journal appears, using a completely green color scheme, called Green Giant (Green Hydra). Finally, do not forget about Paul Newman Dayton, known as the “Ultimate Holy Grail.”

Today Haute Horlogerie gets rid of jealousy and passion for popular cultural symbols. Does the popularity of a series of television programs and the expansion of loyal fans depend on how long the game for the throne appears on the shield? But can current or previous symbols survive the test of time? Will anyone remember Paul Newman after 50 years? It used to be “a small step for the individual and a big step for humanity.” What will be the assessment of history after 100 years?

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