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The article I want to share with you today is an article about Rolex special file. Split physicians as an expert in Rolex China, Rolex collected a number of special drives. Our special Rolex special disc has a tiger plate, Christ’s blood, fossil record, rock directory and so on. The Rolex below is more special and is a sodalite record. This rare Rolex special disc.
Lapis andlit eins og sjávarblár
This article was written on January 10, 2010
In fact, in the dial of different colors, I do not like the blue sodalite and lapis. I was invited to write “Time Arts” and talked about things like the relationship between color and personality, but I do not even think that there is a profound scientific reason. To say how much love is purple red, how dark it is to love black, it is also a subjective hypothesis, there is no proof of exercise.
But whatever has happened in the real world can be difficult to explain. One day, I suddenly fell in love with Daytona with toned water and this watch was actually a deep blue ring.
                                                      Rolex Sodalite Diskunona
Sodalite is known as the name of sodium and has a variety of shades of blue. It is said to be an important element of lapis (LAPISLÁZULI), both easy to confuse, said a system with sky blue stone lapis lazuli, sodalite, pyramid together form the blue square stone and the color of each element in the official document Different is only dark blue with some copper pyramid counted be of better quality. However, soda stone has almost no copper-like spot color and low density, sometimes with a white texture of mineral concentrate. Can be digged for use in jewelry. Sodalite’s commercial origin was discovered in Ontario, Canada, when Princess Margaret in Britain visited Ontario and is known as Princess Blue in Canada.
                                                                   Blue is sodium
Standard ‘Advanced’ lapis, often date and use Datejust, obvious blue under the sun, whether it’s gold or platinum are produced, but never found to be offered, showed a ‘dream’ in the shape of the dial. However, lapis lazuli has never been used in Daytona. Perhaps monks are rare and strange. Even after a visit to Japan Rolex Service Center near the Tokyo station, the request for a custom lapis salmon plate was rejected because the name of the catalog did not exist.
                                                              Sodalite makes jewelry
This time to see Daytona Sodality face by continuing on Yahoo Japan, the role of a characteristic piece of sodalite white floc is rarely on the disk, it looks dark blue, so what is characteristic What about blue clean? There is one in the store on the Tsim Sha Tsui Middle Road, where masters can see that the price is very attractive.
This watch has a dark blue circle and a rock circle. The rock ring is definitely not sodalite. Sodalite does not have such hardness more than the blue corundum, the blue corundum does not have such a deep color.
                                                           Sodalite against Daytona
The original 18589 Daytona used blue corundum, and can be compared. The list was very high on Yahoo and the producers said it cost 1 million yen to make a sapphire ring. This item I believe. Working costs in Japan are very high and it is difficult to find this kind of dark blue gemstone, two factors that determine that this stone ring is expensive. Still, this circle is added later, you have spent 10 million yen, which is for reference only. Manufacturers are aware of this, considering similar gemstones without good stones in Tongna, at a reasonable price.
Why am I interested in this board? To tell the truth, it was because Dyten, who had a blue-blue circle, had never seen him before. Manufacturers spent 1 million yen turning Rolex and seeing that it was a very toxic fool. Viewing its product, as well as the European barrel-shaped cardboard Franck Muller enamel surface, a gold chain with auto, priced at around HK $ 100,000 on this tape has not been investigated before, it is expensive or difficult to judge cheap, sales of Ford sales increases in vehicles, the sale of HK $ 30,000, the car is right behind a three-story building, where is the park, if it is manufactured by own car and the house seems to be a wealthy family. A great price on Yahoo is not so worried (in Yahoo Japan, usually more than 2 million yen purchases of goods, if the seller’s valuation is not high, is used to meet the payment method).
                                                        Rolex Daytona sodalite dish
Decided to buy, also decided to keep the price down and he suffered from psychological war, I asked the registrar to use another identifier to send a question to the seller: “Table after ‘added gemstone ring, I heard this Rolex agency not to repair is that right? “The other responded after 2 hours:” I’m very sorry, definitely. If you want to make a purchase, I can introduce reliable repairs. ”
My first question, I think Japanese will join other Sapporo spirits: buy the table after that, you will be very embarrassing in official Japanese as a Rolex repair shop, but do not wear the same, there are about 3 years of maintenance once.
Two days later, people have not yet come to Sapporo, I use another ID to send him a question: “I do not like Rolex turned and wonder if relieved after calling them sell me,” he responded a little: “Sorry, You can understand your feelings, but I just want to sell buyers after getting more stones. “These questions are public, everyone who buys this table can see, I want visitors to find that this look is very uncomfortable and difficult to maintain. This look is very bad. It’s after plus ring and a lot of people do not like to add a circle.
                                                      Rolex DATEJUST for Sodalite
Perhaps these methods worked: two weeks later nobody came in the race. In the past two weeks, I also interviewed Li Zhenxing from Taiwan about the status of these forms. Mr Lee believes that Rolex, blue gemstone, is hard to sell in Hong Kong. In Lao Lao, the Cantonese is as unfortunate and difficult to judge. If the Central Hong Kong store does not like it, the race will be half because Hong Kong is an important place to move to mainland or Southeast Asia.
Mr. Li added that the difference between costs is great whether it’s a sapphire ring or a drill collar. Take a diamond ring as an example, it ranges from 20,000 to 100,000 Hong Kong dollars. There is a wide range of materials, crafts and precision. For example, the ring of Rolex exercises, 100,000 sellers basically market experts do not see the difference between the original factory. And 20,000 to 30,000 items were seen at a glance. As for the gemstone ring in this case, he also believes that it is time for dark blue suppression to be avoided.
Regarding the post-plus ring and the post-plus stone ring, I’ve always had a different position from my cousin Hao Weizhe. I think that as you play the table it’s kind of a game. You put on the ring after setting it today, you can unload it tomorrow and return to its original position.
                                                            Rolex DJ Sodalite Disc
Lao Hao said that integrity of the original parts and components must be respected at all times and it is uncomfortable to wear the wrist. It’s hard to know.
In view of my position, considering my discipline, I’m still “playing” when giving my disposition. I love a new table, although the sales tables Zhao Jianzheng, there are shops, but also love a new table, there is a meeting Friends table, boss with Song Xin Ge Zhao Deli and talk I love watching old retransfer to be, Zhao raised great anger: “You can often change your watches, and my father can not take a new look, what is this honor for you?” The meal was a big laugh and Xiao Song was fined. Since then, Lao Zhao has intensified and bought a new form of his friends that he has to stay for two days.
The book comes back to life. Two weeks later, the seller by email said that prices were negotiable, especially after adding towers, he was ready for compensation as he is ready to be responsible for the conversion of the material, can not be basic in the market price of the stone on the table, add a little symbolic. Of course I’m very happy, but also a little guilty of a Japanese fan if honest, can you be more confident? It’s no good thing to add a circle to a sniper, buy it and wear it yourself. Oh, really.
                                                             Rolex DJ Sodalite Disc
When the table was laid out, I discovered that the beauty was great, I have seen a lot of sapphire gems all these years, so few are so clean. The sapphire on the bezel is exactly the same as in the picture, the blue is black and seamless, and bezel processing can also be described as designed.
Some use the sea to illuminate the color “blue”, in fact, the blue color of the sea is discolored. The sea in the morning, noon and night is completely different. People in Hong Kong can see the sea in Victoria Harbor, and they can accept or deny their point of view. The sea seen by people living in Macau or Zhuhai is tanning, because the water flows from the Pearl River, is the river, polluted river and mixed with sediments. From this point of view, the sea in Macau and Hong Kong is completely different.
                    Framplata in the Rolex Women’s Journal of Women’s Journal.
I also love the blue sea or the ocean view. Last year, Japanese friend Match Datejust spoke with two lapis lazuli surfaces. A set of seaview rooms in the town of Kamogawa in the southern southern Boso Peninsula of Japan, with two bedrooms and living room, breathtaking sea views and clear blue waters. I did not buy it because I did not have time to live and if I did not live I would pay a charge of 1000 dollars a month. One of the reasons for not staying is that there is no table shop nearby. When I bought the view and loved watching the blue sea, look at the table. It’s also one of Q’s spirits. Some understand the blue like the ocean, and some people understand the blue as a Rolex call. This world is so colorful.

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