Panerai LUMINOR DUE blue disc series

Panerai Luminor DUE series is more sophisticated, more sophisticated, the case will be more beautiful, in addition to holding a number of classic brands of outdoor design, 2016 born Panerai ‘no thin table. Vanquished the dead lock, the preferred pay is the replica watches manufacturer Nahay offers more choice. At the second Panerai exhibition of new products in October 2017, two new LUMINOR DUE series were recently introduced. One is in 728 matt titanium and the other in 74 carat red gold 741. Take 728 as an example. Let’s see together:

Many of the classic antique Panerai replica watches , look smooth and simple style for the integrally molded bridge device for luminol, which can be recognized cushion-shaped case, large dial, including paws and crown, clock source S please continue with the essence of the brand tradition that is being designed. At the same time, the Luminor series Due also, the time line below more succinctly, thinner, lighter, has been adjusted to a more elegant. It is a wild table where you can attend sports and formal entertainment scenes.

This best replica watches uses a matte titanium case lighter, stronger and durable than traditional materials. The bezel of the best replica watches is polished and gives a delicate and smooth feel. The rest is cloudy and can reduce the impact of the overall appearance of the replica watches due to accidental scratches. In addition, it is more convenient to handle at a later stage, the case of the replica watches has enough security.

The special Panerai ear bridge design protects the inner surface of the carpet and wrist replica watches and ensures reliable sealing.

It is a dark blue face with the depth of satin, gradually effective in the light, it is very beautiful. Because you are side by side two needles and Arabic numerals and the temporal mark of the center, displays the time is easy to understand clearly. A small second dial is located at the 9th hour mark, numbering, mix with simple and classic. In addition, needles and time scales are covered with light-emitting parts that can give an exceptional green light in dark environments. The instructions are clearly very beautiful.

To ensure precise travel time, the P.1000 manual winding movement is equipped. Because equipped with a second stop resetting device, can be fully synchronized with the reference time signal clock is accurate and convenient time setting. There are three days of power reserve. The back of the cover is designed with the back, giving the back cover a mechanical appearance and a perfect appearance.

Summary: 42mm diameter, thin replica watches thickness, and by the brand’s recognizable design, new DUE LUMINOR series is now hot selling after their arrival.

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