Omega 1957 “Three Musketeers”

In 1957, history experienced such a glorious moment. Omega released the foundation of three professional, all timeless classics for the extraordinary: Hippocampus 300 Watch, Speedmaster Watch and Iron Pa. replica watches uk In 60 years, in honor of these three classics, Omega honors the 60th anniversary of the publication of the limited edition of 3 classic watches in 1957. For this reason, this set is known as Omega 1957 “Three Musketeers”.

1957 design criteria for a certain adaptation to the tradition of the original clock of the interior of the essence, Omega for the first time, in a clock of 60 hand-painted original design, unique digital scanning technology, a high-precision image of the original clock Then, Anniversary Limited Edition clock provides design templates.

Watch of the case, dial and vintage scale “tropical” Superluminova glossy coating and polished on the surface, matte. Through an aesthetic as well as an replica watches uk aesthetic new upgrade, the stainless steel band stamps buckle table with a retro style of Omega brand identity.

Omega Speedmaster, which was replica watches released in 1957, is known for its name, but was born for speed and designed for the driver. Original Speed ​​Master is often a watch named “Broad arrow” in its unique “Broad Arrow” design. Meter, if only there is no first watch of the classic Gold Speedmaster the world’s first speed scale bezel, located on the top of the chronograph, it is not printed on the dial.

Just like replica watches uk Beat, Omega 1861 Movement – 38.6 mm Omega Speedmaster limited edition of typeface original watch is equipped with the famous moon landing inner movement, by adjusting the speed scale of 57 years above to adjust the heart watch the dial The heart of the watch gives the watch power.

Omega Iron Man Limited Edition 38mm ~ Observatory

Simple and practical, scientists at the elegant replica watches close-up magnetic field design work for professionals in the classics, engineers, and a unique dual anti-magnetic watch case designed by Master Work Rails.

38 mm surface of the continuation of the rail Master limited replica watches uk chronometer simple and elegant original watch design, housing, reach, so that it is coated with a SuperLumiNova light-emitting coating, retro scale on the dial, depth There is a slight increase in the dark environment, replica watches the still shining. There is no magnetic field difficult not to conflict with the exact time, observed Pierre Gold equipped with Omega 8806 to achieve the movement of the observatory, will be able to resist to 15,000 Gauss magnetic field.

Omega Hippocampus 300 Limited Edition 39mm ~ Observatory Table

300 Omega, its outstanding and waterproof, as well as its unique classic design not only widely observe hippocampus in the first year after the launch of the most sought-after in the market. replica watches uk This professional diver’s watch for professional divers and divers has been released as a model for innovative craftsmanship and wonderful design.

Omega hippocampus, 300 Limited edition to inherit the essence of release source CK2913 see reach 39 millimeter chronometer, replica watches black aluminum reversible bezel, up to 300 meters waterproof, shaped case back hippocampus badge, equipped Omega internal clock 8806 About the motion of the observatory

Three classic limited edition sets from 1957

To see the enormous passion 1957 classic darlings three engraved replica watches uk watch fans, introduced in omega three sets of 1957 limited edition of the classic watch to meet, it was sold only 557 set in the world. The gift box was made in 1898 in oak wood in Switzerland. replica watches Omega moved to Switzerland this year. Covered Hippocampus engraved pattern 1957 version, cartridge body has a unique serial number stamped.

The gift box is exclusive with 3 leather straps and 3 NATO NATO military straps and wooden rod spring bands that change the tool so that the wearer replica watches can see the different representations so quickly. Leather watch collection package comes with style.

Another watch as an option, which was highlighted in the table, “limited to 557 WATCHES TO” engraved at replica watches uk this time the word, three of the classic word on the dial in each box of the watch TRILOGY And Limited Edition numbers are engraved and different. The presence of three classic watch sets means that you can have three unique watches at the same time, which means a high collection value.

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