“Modern” retro charm omega disc fly series Central Tourbillon watch

When it comes to omega, many people think of super master, coaxial inhibition, James Bond. Tourbillon is replica watches uk usually not the first word that comes to mind. In 1994, we released the world’s first “Central Tourbillon” watch and shocked the industry.

As the name implies, “Central Tourbillon” brings the tourbillon to the center of the dial, making one revolution per minute. Even though hour and minute replica watches┬áhands are in last place, they are a foil. They are at the end of the frame of the tourbillon and do not disturb the tourbillon or affect readability. The design of the Disc Fly series is classic, thanks to the attractive carpet. This 38.7 mm diameter watch has a perfect balance between replica watches uk look and feel.

There is a regular crown at 3 o’clock in the case, turning around the back of the case and seeing the second crown. The former can only be used for rewinding, the latter can be used for the tuning time. The watch is equipped with a caliber 2600 caliber, equipped with an automatic elevator swing mass of platinum. Old-time table does replica watches┬ánot need to return tourbillon proof is common, in other words, words and “tourbillon” from the COSC chronometer certification of “chronometer”, as well, and engraved patterns.

The Omega product line still has a central tourbillon watch, but some early models are almost antique. Omega arranges enamel dial and gold chain, so it is wise to buy replica watches uk it. Both give the watch a more classic look, the golden bracelet is particularly beautiful, well made, well worn is also very comfortable. The thickness of the bracelet is impressive. Because the weight is just right, replica watches uk Tourbillon’s Omega Safari Series has a unique experience.

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