Breaking Extreme Limit Rolex Series Dito

Enjoy speed, happy to practice talent and take care of noble stuff, named after the most famous song in the United States. Rolex Daytona watch has always been known for accuracy, durability.

The new Daytona series was developed exclusively by Rolex: the CERACHROM ring of black ceramic and Rolex’s raised sapphire mirror made the view even more scratch resistant. This precision timetable has been approved by the Swiss Timing Precision Center and has been equipped with 4130 quality that includes blue gossamer developed by Rolex. The fabric and the decoration of the watch stand out: the enamel cap is in 18 karat pink gold, made of Rolex, the surface is in chocolate or ivory and is decorated with a golden needle.

The new Dyton has a coffee icon and a white dial to choose from. The white-collar model uses a traditional length of time, but the brown ring icon uses digital time limits. Both cases are in 18 karat pink gold and black crocodile leather.

The new watch does not change size and is always 40 mm. The movement continued with the former 4130 time series movement. It is equipped with Rolex Blue Parachrom Hairspring and has 72 hours of energy storage. This classic astronaut movement, about 60% less than the average author of the movement, consists of 290 pieces and is known for its durability and precision.

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