2017 Hot Rolex Rankings

Some people may say that Rolex is a popular watch. How can it be classified? I will list the most popular models of Rolex this year depending on market conditions and the supply and demand of various Rolex models this year.
Third Place Rolex Scarlet Sea Model 126600

                                                                     Rolex 126600
The Red Sea is one of the most popular tables for Rolex this year. I do not think anyone will deny it. Of course, I only put the red flag in third place for a reason. This year Rolex has launched a brand new sea to manufacture 126600, from the inside to the outside, subverting the old sea to 116600, a change that is quite important. Xinhai increased the size to 43mm, added a magnifying glass, turned the disc into a red letter, and used a new generation of the 3235 movement. Everything was new. Therefore, the red word of the sea to make a launch, do not want to think, certainly immediately flew up.

                                                                     Rolex 126600
Of course, the reason I put the Scarlet Letter in third place rather than before is that the Scarlet Letter did not keep it strong. In fact, I think we all know that the strongest overall strength in sports work is still the ghosts of water, and the style, performance, size and price have reached a balance. Although the Red Sea has made the configuration very high and the movement is very good, there are still gaps in size and thickness. Most people who buy a watch do not really care that you are the first generation of movements, and how much there is “high-tech”. This led to the rush of the “peak” of the Red Swordsman, they began to fall back, and slowly fell back to the price of more than the public price, more noticeably on the public price. So I put the red word in third place.
Second Place Rolex Daytona Model 116500/116508

                                                                     Rolex 116500
Sometimes I really think that Rolex is resolutely “deliberate”, and controls the Daytona ceramic circle at a very low level of production. Either how the last years have gone, the 116500 market has still not let it down? I thought of a problem. Of all the Rolex players, who is the best. Then I thought about “Ditona”. Antique Daytona Paul Newman is the highest value of the work, in the sale of Steel Di steel ring is the Rolex is now the strongest of the last time in the table, even the stop of the steel Wheeler Daytona, now maintain its original price, I really nice service.

                                                                       Rolex 116508
Jindi 116508 is the hottest Daytona this year. The gold shell and the green surface are very nice and there are many people who like it. From the second half of this year, the price of Greenland Jindi began to increase. Some brothers want to buy 116508, left and right, etc. But fortunately 116508 now has an emergence of opportunity, which reduces the difficulty of starting this watch. But you, do not think that the second hand will be cheaper. It’s Daytona. So I put 116500 and 116508 in the second place.
1st Rolex Green Ghost Model 116610LV
                                                                    Rolex 116610LV
Two days ago, I asked my wife, the new green ghost what the market for these two days. To be honest, I really do not know what happened to Green Ghost. From this summer, the market has increased. The Green Ghost is different from the other workers on my list. As you can see, other Rolex models are new, and they are all new tables for the last two years. It is reasonable for you to be new to the new models. Only the Green Ghost, an “old watch”, has been out for many years, and it is surprising that people can still “crazy”. To tell the truth, I do not know why the Green Ghost could be so hot this year. I always heard someone sing and the Green Ghost had to stop production. Is it really because people think that Green Ghost will stop production, so there is a “panic” that drives people to buy green ghosts?

                                                                    Rolex 116610LV
Many players know that Rolex is gradually replacing the movement in the last two years, replacing the 3135 movement with a new generation of 3235 moves. According to the current Rolex process, it is estimated that it will soon be changed into a water ghost. Maybe it’s the next turn of the water ghosts. In this period of time when we know that it is time to improve, we should have not bought money and we were waiting to buy new ones. Old money slowly cooled. As a result, green ghosts, including black ghosts, all rose all the way. I really do not understand that. I can not understand or understand, but I can see the facts. So I decided to put the Green Ghost on the Hot Rolex 2017 list.

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