“Modern” retro charm omega disc fly series Central Tourbillon watch

When it comes to omega, many people think of super master, coaxial inhibition, James Bond. Tourbillon is replica watches uk usually not the first word that comes to mind. In 1994, we released the world’s first “Central Tourbillon” watch and shocked the industry.

As the name implies, “Central Tourbillon” brings the tourbillon to the center of the dial, making one revolution per minute. Even though hour and minute replica watches hands are in last place, they are a foil. They are at the end of the frame of the tourbillon and do not disturb the tourbillon or affect readability. The design of the Disc Fly series is classic, thanks to the attractive carpet. This 38.7 mm diameter watch has a perfect balance between replica watches uk look and feel.

There is a regular crown at 3 o’clock in the case, turning around the back of the case and seeing the second crown. The former can only be used for rewinding, the latter can be used for the tuning time. The watch is equipped with a caliber 2600 caliber, equipped with an automatic elevator swing mass of platinum. Old-time table does replica watches not need to return tourbillon proof is common, in other words, words and “tourbillon” from the COSC chronometer certification of “chronometer”, as well, and engraved patterns.

The Omega product line still has a central tourbillon watch, but some early models are almost antique. Omega arranges enamel dial and gold chain, so it is wise to buy replica watches uk it. Both give the watch a more classic look, the golden bracelet is particularly beautiful, well made, well worn is also very comfortable. The thickness of the bracelet is impressive. Because the weight is just right, replica watches uk Tourbillon’s Omega Safari Series has a unique experience.

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Popular aviation models recommended

As the saying goes, “The smart woman is tough without the meter,” no matter how skilled the pilot is, he also needs replica watches uk precise equipment to assist him on difficult missions. Among them, the flying watch is an indispensable equipment, it must be able to withstand strong vibrations, large positive and negative accelerations, and dramatic changes in pressure and temperature, and so on. Every design has to follow certain techniques. The implementation of the index, its accuracy is referred to in the watch industry as a “fighter”. Today we recommend three different brands of pilot watches.

IWC IWC pilot series IW377706

Comments: This IW377706 flying watch, also known as “Little Prince”, is a perfect blend of the simple 1940s instrument style and today’s cutting edge technology, the midnight blue dial is gorgeous, as in the fairytale world of the little one in the replica watches uk middle is the steel case a round dial, the luminescent material is filled in with the pointer, the 12 o’clock position is the 30 minute counter and the 3 o’clock position is the weekday display window. The design is very similar to replica watches the instrument shape of the aircraft cockpit. The 6 o’clock position is 12-hour counter, 9-second position for small seconds; Sapphire crystal with crown and stainless steel button, cowhide strap; The underside of the table has a dense bottom on which a portrait of the little prince is engraved. This air watch features the self-winding mechanical chronograph movement 79320, which provides approximately 44 hours of power reserve.

Breitling Aviation Time Series AB012012 | BB02 | 743P | A20BA.1

Watch Comments: Breitling’s outstanding professional flight time has been widely praised. This design replica watches uk continues to follow the classic model of 1952, with its unique annular flying slider on the steel case, with a two-way ratchet-type rotating bezel with a diameter of 43 mm; the black dial with silvery white lighting times, the hands are clear and legible. The watch has a 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, a 12-hour counter at 6 o’clock and a small second at 9 o’clock. The black alligator replica watches leather strap is comfortable to wear and made of stainless steel. Folding clasp for easy pilot operation; Equipped with Breitling’s self-made 01 movement, with two-way automatic winding and no-fast-speed calendar function, power reserve for up to 70 hours.
Zenith pilot series 03.2430.693 / 21.C723

Watch Comments: This is the Zener pilot series “Type 20 aircraft” to see. After 1938, the various special special indicators needed for flying watches are called “Type 20”. To date only a few The manufacturer replica watches has received this certification. The clock 03.2430.693 / 21.C723 has a diameter of up to 48 mm and the case is engraved with the airline registration code and the serial number of the airline “HB”. The round, black-matte dial is lined with super bright materials. The surface has a classic onion head so that pilots can wear gloves at school. It has an Elite 693 caliber with a power reserve of 50 hours, a time display, a small second at 9 o’clock and a two-zone time zone. The replica watches uk was designed for the tribute to the Red Baron and is limited to 500 pieces.

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Men always have dreams of flying.

The birth of the pilot’s watch was the main reason for the special request of the combat mission during the Second World War. replica watches uk In the modern era, however, the attraction of the pilot’s watch lies in its robust and robust design and its high accuracy. Today I recommend three pilots to realize the pilot’s dream.

IWC pilot series IW 324702

Show Comments: TOP GUN Miramar Marine Air Warfare Watch Mark 18 Pilot, design features a traditional precision navigation dial, minutes, seconds, outside, within the display time, date replica watches uk display window 3 o’clock to set the time is displayed. A smoky dial with a red hour mark can be clearly read. The case was made of ceramic for the first time, and in addition to the wear resistance and replica watches scratch resistance, the waterproofness reached 60 meters. While maintaining the classic tradition, this watch produces an intense military style, but it has created a bold breakthrough.

Rolex Sky Master Series 116900-71200

Show Comments:, 2016 Rolex after the newly designed empty Pa, Rolex empty Pa in the UK Diameter look Royal 1840s designed as an Air Force pilot table replica watches uk raised to 40mm. As an entry-level Rolex, Air Master is very unique. Golden Crown and green ROLEX LOGO logo, color very eye-catching, in words that in the 1950s for the 6 o’clock “Air King” replica watches (King Air-type) design of the original of the original clock were designed to add a little retro style I did it. The textured 3D scales correspond to the green pointer for easier reading. A classic enamel steel case features a sturdy strap for a classic look. The Airmaster watch retains the beauty of the original watch and continually enhances the relationship between watch and aviation.

Zenith pilot series 11.2430.4069 / 21.C773

Watch replica watches uk commentary: The design by Zenith is inspired by the English cycling “Coffee Knight”, which reminds of the fresh clothes of the people. The rude appearance is full of independent pure “tough guy” atmosphere. Following the standard “onion” crown particle pattern dial, large Arabic numerals and exemplary matte-like feel, it brings out an old addictive feel, like all bear tracks of the year. The lettering and patterns of “Cafe Racer Spirit” are engraved in titanium back, all of which replica watches are full of retro feelings.

Summary: There will always be a heroic dream The free raw clocks for the realization of all boys, boys heroes will come back to remember the fearless youth.

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Omega 1957 “Three Musketeers”

In 1957, history experienced such a glorious moment. Omega released the foundation of three professional, all timeless classics for the extraordinary: Hippocampus 300 Watch, Speedmaster Watch and Iron Pa. replica watches uk In 60 years, in honor of these three classics, Omega honors the 60th anniversary of the publication of the limited edition of 3 classic watches in 1957. For this reason, this set is known as Omega 1957 “Three Musketeers”.

1957 design criteria for a certain adaptation to the tradition of the original clock of the interior of the essence, Omega for the first time, in a clock of 60 hand-painted original design, unique digital scanning technology, a high-precision image of the original clock Then, Anniversary Limited Edition clock provides design templates.

Watch of the case, dial and vintage scale “tropical” Superluminova glossy coating and polished on the surface, matte. Through an aesthetic as well as an replica watches uk aesthetic new upgrade, the stainless steel band stamps buckle table with a retro style of Omega brand identity.

Omega Speedmaster, which was replica watches released in 1957, is known for its name, but was born for speed and designed for the driver. Original Speed ​​Master is often a watch named “Broad arrow” in its unique “Broad Arrow” design. Meter, if only there is no first watch of the classic Gold Speedmaster the world’s first speed scale bezel, located on the top of the chronograph, it is not printed on the dial.

Just like replica watches uk Beat, Omega 1861 Movement – 38.6 mm Omega Speedmaster limited edition of typeface original watch is equipped with the famous moon landing inner movement, by adjusting the speed scale of 57 years above to adjust the heart watch the dial The heart of the watch gives the watch power.

Omega Iron Man Limited Edition 38mm ~ Observatory

Simple and practical, scientists at the elegant replica watches close-up magnetic field design work for professionals in the classics, engineers, and a unique dual anti-magnetic watch case designed by Master Work Rails.

38 mm surface of the continuation of the rail Master limited replica watches uk chronometer simple and elegant original watch design, housing, reach, so that it is coated with a SuperLumiNova light-emitting coating, retro scale on the dial, depth There is a slight increase in the dark environment, replica watches the still shining. There is no magnetic field difficult not to conflict with the exact time, observed Pierre Gold equipped with Omega 8806 to achieve the movement of the observatory, will be able to resist to 15,000 Gauss magnetic field.

Omega Hippocampus 300 Limited Edition 39mm ~ Observatory Table

300 Omega, its outstanding and waterproof, as well as its unique classic design not only widely observe hippocampus in the first year after the launch of the most sought-after in the market. replica watches uk This professional diver’s watch for professional divers and divers has been released as a model for innovative craftsmanship and wonderful design.

Omega hippocampus, 300 Limited edition to inherit the essence of release source CK2913 see reach 39 millimeter chronometer, replica watches black aluminum reversible bezel, up to 300 meters waterproof, shaped case back hippocampus badge, equipped Omega internal clock 8806 About the motion of the observatory

Three classic limited edition sets from 1957

To see the enormous passion 1957 classic darlings three engraved replica watches uk watch fans, introduced in omega three sets of 1957 limited edition of the classic watch to meet, it was sold only 557 set in the world. The gift box was made in 1898 in oak wood in Switzerland. replica watches Omega moved to Switzerland this year. Covered Hippocampus engraved pattern 1957 version, cartridge body has a unique serial number stamped.

The gift box is exclusive with 3 leather straps and 3 NATO NATO military straps and wooden rod spring bands that change the tool so that the wearer replica watches can see the different representations so quickly. Leather watch collection package comes with style.

Another watch as an option, which was highlighted in the table, “limited to 557 WATCHES TO” engraved at replica watches uk this time the word, three of the classic word on the dial in each box of the watch TRILOGY And Limited Edition numbers are engraved and different. The presence of three classic watch sets means that you can have three unique watches at the same time, which means a high collection value.

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Diamond watch that you can get

Diamonds, for such a wonderful stone, women never resist it. A striking diamond is set on the bezel, and the appeal of the replica watches is increasing. It is adorned with a sumptuous and elegant feast, diamonds that easily capture people’s thoughts. Today, we recommend three diamond watches to show the movement of women and women.

Omega Constellation series

See comments: Omega replica watches uk Constellation series, has the attractive design concept of choice like the famous “Griffith” eye-catching. Diamond like a dream with a beauty star, stylish red gold materials and gorgeous diamonds, delicate and delicate, and featured 18ct red gold bezel and 27mm stainless steel watch case. White mother-of-pearl dial shows different cloud effects in different angles. There are 10 diamond hour markers on the dial, and there is a calendar window at 6 o’clock. 9 There is also sometimes a small second hand embedded in a simple and 18k red gold stylish set of four diamond scripts. replica watches Therefore, eliminates the need for a protective cover 8704 Omega clock mounted movement, no interference from magnetic material silicon spider thread itself closed the magnetic field barrier.

IWC Port Finino Series IW 458112

Watch comments: IWC a slimmer customer has announced to make this elegant 3-hand watch very attractive, the new Portofino watches 37. Diamonds are set on the bezel of the watch and add luxury to the aesthetic design. The selected diamond has the highest transparency, bright and radiant, the look of the watch is simple replica watches uk and clear. Bring along packed with elegant watches, fine radial microhyla attractive lighting effects, to choose the bright side eye-catcher of the mirror-polished case of well-built date. The strawberry pink crocodile replica watches leather strap is delicately colored and the sweetness is full of feminine charm.

Chopard IMPERIALE Series 388541 – 6004

Watch Comment: This watch is carefully selected from different materials, makes curved and straight replica watches uk sculpture clock. The 28mm stainless steel bezel, has noble temperament, smooth diamonds and beautiful bezel line, is a carved shiny diamond set. A shiny mother-of-pearl dial with retro Roman numerals underlines the warmth and femininity of women. Tinnitus and crown are adorned with amethyst and fascinated by luxury. The golden bracelet is full of layers that emphasize the beauty of replica watches agility.

Abstract: Diamonds with watches always give people sensations and let the clock shine immediately. The value of a diamond woman who exudes the charm of a woman is really attractive.

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The selection of the goddess of Tanabata is also brilliant

Of course, the festival is one of a few recommendations from a few tables, come and guys, my girlfriend needs to see how the girls should send to the friend, what minutes replica watches uk of rhythmic It’s like the abuse of a dog. But Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity for a single-single men and women, ah, especially girls have suppressed the feeling of humility, but also on this romantic day, the initiative Take the right time and recommend an attractive watch to choose. A party has a long-awaited God of man!

Cartier Tank Series W1018755 Clock

Watch comments: Many girls like neutral wind, cut short hair and take a cool cool girl route that Cartier’s watch must be very suitable for you. The tank series is a classic Cartier series with a 18K square gold case and a round spinel with a cabochon spinel. replica watches The silver-white porcelain dial features a large black Roman numeral and a sword-shaped blue steel needle, and the loading time is very comfortable. It can be said that the crocodile strap and gold case of brown are a very classic game, and the boys, such a combination, wear that will refine the self-confidence and hardness temperament, girls would It becomes flexible and worn.

Bulgari Bulgari? BVLGARI Series 101889 BBL 33 WSSD Clock

Display Comments: This table is made of stainless steel, along with the natural white mother-of-pearl dial, gives a sense of the distance from the cold, but not a very soft feeling to give the whole style I observe a simple fashion. The bezel follows the uniform design of the replica watches uk brand and is engraved with the name of the collection. Simple Arabic numerals and linear time stamps are used for dialing, and sword-shaped hands give the clock fame. The crown is inlaid with red jewelry and is a woman. This watch is perfect for sophisticated and elegant ladies.

Chanel J12 series MADEMOISELLE J12 watch

Look comments: look MADEMOISELLE J12 Chanel, at the presentation of the New Year, dial design, replica watches decorated with Miss Coco Chanel image of the pattern on the black lacquer dial, is very interesting, what the time information, needle to please swap the left and right arms out. The case is made of black high-tech precision ceramic, 38 mm diameter, with ceramic rotating bezel and sapphire crystal. The black watch itself unveiled a secret, add a noble and beautiful more socialize, it will wear to fill the goddess temperament disposition.

Summary: for someone to send a gift, in their own waiting time, it is better for the Tanabata surprise me, a girl of independent, nothing wrong replica watches uk with independent single girl, more I think it will make it impressive.

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Platinum watch Cartier Key Series

Cartier has been touted as King Edward VII to the “jewel, jeweler of the King’s Emperor”, the history of Cartier 170 years, the world of jewelery, leaders, brand, celebrated area of ​​innovative replica watches ideas and unique design Many royal aristocrats and celebrities have been admired and loved. Cartier, high attention, crown and especially in the case of the button row “Abalone shell” square, which people will see immediately recognized, today will be the platinum men’s wristwatch. Let’s see this series. (Watch model: WGCL0005)

Cartier key series watch

The key series from replica watches uk Cartier has a smooth curve and a simple line. The overall shape of this watch is elegant and simple, but it’s a simple, pure, large, three-hand watch.

White Gold Case

The diameter of the watch is 40 mm and the thickness is 11.76 mm. For men, this size is just right. 18ct white gold case is polished to a smooth and metallic replica watches finish, polished, side design has been layered.

Easy dialing

Round dial with silver-white in the center of the dial characterized by a delicate guilloche, the outer end in the elegant Roman numerals, has a date display window at 6 o’clock. replica watches uk Blue steel deep blue in the shape of a sword big three of the needle, and the clear a simple to read sapphire crystal on the case gives the best protection the clock.

Total display of the clock

Summary: Cartier’s watch is an elegant and simple men’s watch that highlights the mature, replica watches mature, stable temperament suitable for any social occasion.

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Return to the IWC IWC Pilot Chronograph

Already the watch features chronograph 1/4 second precision scale and rod-emitting type: With the birth of the first automatic pilot chronograph design inspiration and IWC in 1994, the new pilot chronograph (IW 377 724 model) launched pointer with a vintage similar green ribbon. This watch will be released exclusively through replica watches uk IWC’s official online channel.

In 1994, IWC announced the first self-winding mechanical caliber mechanical chronograph (model: 3706), which was quickly recognized by an observer who adopted the world’s first meter design. Success. Today, a new pilot chronograph (model: IW 377 724), inspired by a classic prototype, has a new replica watches look. Unlike other chronographs currently available in the Pilot Series, the new dial has a recordable precision with a short 1/4 second time scale. The rectangular bar pointer is provided with a beige-colored luminescent layer, which is easy to read even in dark places. The green textile strap ensures a sporty design.

Equipment Robust and extremely reliable Looking at the 79320 movement, the exact timing replica watches uk can be up to 12 hours, minutes or hours, the small timing data is “12 o’clock” and “6 You can select the” hour “position Another convenient feature of the dial is the calendar display in “3 o’clock” position. Like all IWC Pilot watch, the movement within the magnetic soft iron, magnetic interference that can withstand the sudden drop in air pressure without loose and the aircraft cockpit and the glass table mirrors is protected by replica watches a shell.

Technical features:

Mechanical replica watches chronograph movement – HMS chronograph function – Date and time display – with stop device Small seconds – Screwing Crown – antimagnetic soft iron Inner shell Protection against magnetic disturbances – Glass mirror for a replica watches uk sudden pressure change

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Colorful summer color clock decoration

The combination of identification design and color elements is an important design trend of today’s watches. Many beautiful watches have been revived due to the color integration. That’s refreshing. Especially in the summer, when watches are on display, a unique feature and a colorful color clock replica watches uk give your wrist extra points. Today, everyone recommends three unique color clocks to add wrists in the hot summer.

Rolex Log Series 126334 Clock

Comment: Last year Rolex released a log-type watch with platinum bezel. It has a dark blue surface with a gradation effect and replica watches shows a simple and sophisticated facial expression. This watch gives the watch a brand awareness to make the watch more attractive, following the brand’s traditional triangle design, stainless steel case and bracelet. In addition, in 2015 Rolex honored this watch with an excellent observatory to ensure accurate travel time and excellent watch quality. It can be said that it pays, coupled with a more common gradation blue disc, has effects, it is also a good choice of the wrist.

Panerai RADIOMIR series PAM00735 watch

Observe Comments: Green emphasizes individuality and strong athletic qualities, making it a more replica watches uk common color element among young people today. In September 2017, Panerai released three new color-matched clock radios. With the dark green eye-catching disc design you look more fashionable and military. Panelai 1936 The large, matte titanium case with the prototype of the linear cone crown was announced in a classic, classic, aesthetic and bold style. The sandwich dial features a large beige luminescent time-marker and is gold-plated by hand to show a replica watches clear color difference with a simple green dial. At 3 o’clock there is a calendar display window and amplification device, the disk surface is more convenient. Both in character and in rough style, I believe wearing this watch in the summer is more eye-catching.

Breitling Super Marine Culture Series AB0162121G1S1 Watch

Watch comment: It has a more traditional white disc surface, but with a gradation effect and panda disc decoration, this new super-marine culture looks more replica watches uk beautiful. In 2017, when the 60th Anniversary of the Super Marine Culture Series was celebrated, the brand redesigned the collection. Not only the new appearance changed, the movement of the B01 was also upgraded, it became a popular brand watch. Three function boards of 3 hours, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock this year correspond to 30 minutes, 12 hours and small seconds. Classic mechanical beauty and normal function.

Abstract: Crafting subtleties of watchmaking, dynamic and dynamic colors will not help me, but inspire the people. Especially in the summer, when Bio bares the wrist, the atmospheric color pressure replica watches is definitely added a lot.

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Vintage California Dial: Panerai Luminor California 8th DLC Clock

Panerai Luminor series of new models, dial, DLC diamond-like carbon coated titanium case mode and a power movement of the reserve ead 28, and the binding of the panerai-California most distinctive design element of the new bracelet game, special it shows the personality band is sewn with a soft original leather to replica watches uk create the original look.

Luminol California 8 Days DLC 44 mm 8 Power Reserve DLC (PAM00779) Titanium Case Black Diamond-like Carbon DLC Coating, Hours, Minutes, P. 5000 Manual Wind Movement, Power Reserve 8 Days, Mirror View of the Sapphire Crystal, Water Resistant 300 Meters, Leather Strap, Reference Price of 9,250 $.

Unique male look on the styling head starts new hard Luminol replica watches California 8 days DLC 8 days of energy storage DLC, combined with a new strap classic Panerai brand of original design elements, perfect interpretation saw a unique personality. Korean tact luminol titanium metal casting case (diameter 44mm), diamond-like carbon DLC coating mold machining, to prevent a nozzle as a carbon-based titanium case, while increasing the hardness of the case provides a smooth, even gray dummy carbon coating wear and erosion. The holding bridge lever the crown and DLC-like carbon-hard shape is coated, and to replica watches uk protect a water resistance of up to 300m.

The case of Luminor is combined with a simple, black California dial. And replica watches a combination of Roman numerals and Arabic numerals, was originally designed after the first part of the election Panerai. In addition to its athletic style, under strict control of the temperature (290-300 ° C), a look at the use of the oxidation process refined techniques hour and minute hands, reminiscent of the Panerai classic watch again, presents a unique blue metallic chandelier design.

Luminor California leather strap (DLC watch)

So that each belt is unique, leather belt supple texture, natural color of untreated encounter dual tactile and visual enjoyment, long use, more and more special touch, add the taste. As a general band, or it can be used as an accessory for military purposes. The strap is connected as replica watches a wrist strap to prevent back and skin contact. The ribbon and bracelet that has become accent beige stitching and OP embossed logo unlike carbon coatings like DLC has been furnished. Black rubber strap is also included.

Luminor California 8 Days DLC Watchback.

Luminol California 8 Days DLC 8 Power Reserve Clock by DLC (PAM00779) to fully develop Panerai Watch Factory on a power reserve of up replica watches uk to maturity from Bendict, 28, of Panerai, became the P.5000 manually mounted winding movement Italian Navy The classic watch developed for the frog makes the same movement. Obviously, 4.5mm slightly 21,600 times per hour vibration balance, moves with high robustness attached to the surface through a diamond grinding bevel reliable, large mat sprint gear set cutting, which is almost completely covered, the thickness of differentiation 15 ¾ in diameter. The long-term power reserve consists of two connected barrels.

In California, combined with a unique design and military waistband leather strap dial, on plus up to 8 power reserve, this powerful military style and Panerai is the focus of the following replica watches discussion Peifan!

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